Hefei Ronghui Manufacturing & Trade Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in medical equipment (except two or three), equipment sales; hardware, handicrafts, textiles, clothing, small appliances, household accessories production and sales, in August 4, 2003 registered in Hefei Industrial and Commercial Bureau, business manager is Zhou Ping, the company registered capital of 50 (million), our company the office is located in the capital of Anhui Province, the first city of Anhui Hefei, Anhui Hefei high tech Zone hung an apartment block A Room 102, 5 employees, we have the best products and professional sales and technical team, the company in the development of 13 years, we provide customers with the best products, good technical support, perfect customer service service, Hefei Rong Hui industry & Trade Co., Ltd is a well-known enterprise in Hefei wholesale industry, if your products and services to our company are interested in Please leave a message or call advice.


Hefei Ronghui Manufacturing & Trade

FACTORY : Tel :86-(0)551-65844884

Fax :86-(0)551-65844884

OFFICE : Tel :(fax) 86-(0)551-65844884


E-mail :zhouguoping8888@gmail.com


FACTORY : Tel :86-(0)551-65844884Fax :86-(0)551-65844884OFFICE : Tel :(fax) 86-(0)551-65844884

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